Notes on Performance

In July of 2015, the dancer and choreographer Akram Khan gave a presentation about his work and the background research for his most recent production: Kaash at The Wimbledon College of Art. I have long been fasincated by dance since it is very much a form of sculpture in motion, one that also captures narrative discourse through the language of gestures rather than words. This meeting with Akram Khan's story is particularly interesting since he has collaborated with other actors in fine art and theatre to include Anthony Gormsley, Amish Kapoor and Juliette Binoche demonstrating cross-cultural exchanges and collaborations across disciplines. 


Furthermore, Akram Khan's story is one of honesty and vunlerability, an openness to other cultures. The srength that lies in that very opennness is unlike anything else, and one that impresses me greatly as an American with both Chinese and Greek ethnic heritage. In dance as in theatre the mind and body must be in harmony to convey the expression of narrative effectively. The artist must demontrate his/her skill in moments that are both punctual and over extended moments over time. The work of Akram Khan and Antony Gormley has inspired me to look deeper, to understand the manner in which pscyhology and physics might be combined and formulated as the very are an embodiment of expression.