Art, Science and Play

My work takes an avid interest in science. Just as there is high brow art, there is also high brow science and there are points of convergence between the two in a wide range of activities to include health science, recreation and in the development of both community based and global inventions and research in sustainable design.


I am currently working on a site-specific gardening project which will utilise an outdoor living sculpture for a health centre in London, a design for an outdoor "living" bench which incorporates healing botanical plants and an earth day project which will seek to attract local members of the community to interact with students in showcasing local "green" skills and interests in practical solutions, ecological models and activities.


These items are of particularly interest since it would seem that they can be practically applied to community interventions and performances at a grass-root level. The are also rooted in my believe that there is no other planet for us to settle, that we need to make the most of the one we live in/upon and that our efforts to improve our local environments and create viable and successful models of living through art are as important as any other campaign in our times. ibid. Al Gore's quote: "it would take a