Post Information Skilling

Deskilling is a trend sweeping across Europe and North America. This commoditisation of production has banalised the skills and know-how of craftsmen and makers in the art world. The result is work that attempts to satisfy the dictates of loftier philosophical and political ideas but ends up being pseudo-scientific, anecdotal or simply tacky.


The skilled artisan and craftsman is made redundant in elegaic debates about the preemine of conceptual directives in art, the viewer often left with nothing more than scraps, patched together from the tackiest materials, the attitude of the artist becomes the very focus of everybody's attentions. What we are left with is: "des enfants terribles" and little more to show for.


With ideas lobbed and tossed about without any critical examination, the form of the pieces being shown given similarly minor attention or scrutiny, the politics of revolution become indistinguishable from contemporary practice, the skilled public is left feeling not so much confused as duped.


 Without the element of craft, what else is left? 



The ingangibilities of Form