My art is inspired by the myths that surround the voyager, his strengths and vulnerabilities, as well as the notion of the native gaze. I interpret and transform my observations of life and reality through this lens of ritual and tradition, digressing at times into quixotic projections of absurdity as I examine constructed ecologies as a thing that can be harnessed, unleashed and transformed.


In my practice I use wood and metal as well as more common mediums such as plaster, concrete and paper. Two other mediums allow me to describe growth and change over time and these are video and living plant material. Throughout various stages of production, I let my work speak to me, allowing for autosuggestion to occur through the direct manipulation of materials.

In parallel with my practice, I operate a gallery/residency called Phoenix Athens which offers artists from around the globe with the time and space they require to develop and showcase their practice. This has allowed me to develop my skills as a mentor and witness, document and share the myriad permutations of form given to vision and the transformative power that art has on individuals, on society.

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