Unit 3 Overview

While it was also the most difficult of the three units, the work spanning April-June of 2016 allowed me to synthesize notions of time, space and identity/memory (examined in Unit 2) to include socially engaged projects (both internal university and outwards facing) and new methods of production for physical sculptures as well as through collaborative projects in performance and video (see Maundy Moments and Bad Critic, Good Artist.


I would discover methods of sculpture fabrication borrowed from Tech Art students and faculty at The Wimbledon College of Art-methods of fabrication used for special effects and these skills would allow me to produce pieces relatively quickly while allowing for  would borrow from both current political ideology as well as forms borrowed from mythology (informed as it were by athropology and zoosophy* (see Drone Love)


The work produced would reflect demonstrate greater thematic depth and contextual scope and allow me to explore narrative more freely through ideas and methods borrowed from performance, theatre and ritual using digital media and adapted methods of fabrication.