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Dimitri Yin 

b. 1974 in Concord, California.

Currently based in Athens, Greece


Dimitri Yin is an artist based in Athens, Greece. He has exhibited in The US, Cyprus, France and the UK and holds a BA in Studio Art from San Diego State University (2001) and an MFA from The Wimbledon College of Art (2017). 


An artist of mixed Greek and Chinese ethnicity with a background in scenography, carpentry and landscape design, Yin’s sculpture practice “frames” the strengths and vulnerabilities of the traveller in exodus.

Using diverse materials such as wood, metal, Dimitri suggests realities that are embedded in material. Two other mediums allow him to explore the fourth dimension of time and these are video and living plant material.

In 2018, Dimitri created Phoenix Athens Gallery and Residency in Athens, Greece in order to provide other creatives with time and space to develop their practice and a chance for himself to connect with his Greek roots through his art. His time is shared between his own practice and documenting and curating exhibitions for both local and international artists. 

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