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2005-2006 Paris 

Like many other major cities, Paris is rife with polarised extremes, on one hand is the revolutionary legacy of Robespierre, and the commune which still endures "dans les quartiers vivants" of Montmartre and Barbés and on the other hand is the conservative that the left bank has become, the bourgeois sensibilities that must be upheld, lest insidious communism should conspire to eradicate all traces of the past forever. 


As a dual French-American citizen I had often opted to stay in the US however in 2006, I decided I'd try something different and decided to stay in Paris. That stay lasted nine years and resulted in a profoundly transformative and enriching experience. I turned to painting since it was hard to find a space to fabricate sculpture and painted around the classical and revolutionary themes had always fascinated me:  desire, libertine freedom and epicurean indulgence. My country was progressively becoming mired in yet another costly and stupid war yet I had been given carte blanche for free expression. I lived out nine years on that ticket and explored as much as the city had to offer. The debate between moral and immoral became immaterial. I shifted from abstract paintings to narrative figuration then to politics again and mirroring the realities of the French republic with all its vice and incredible richness.



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Explode !
Torse Star
Sleeping Dra
Les bons voyageurs
The Carnal Sky