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Drone Love: False Gods, Lesser Evils

Our society is not one of spectacle, but of surveillance. People are not watching, but rather being watched, inspected and recorded all the time; they are reduced to appearances, to be scanned and scrutinised by anonymous and unseen authorities.


-Michael Fouceault

False Gods, Lesser Evils is a commentary on the society of the spectacle, virtual reality, violence and surveillance in the information age. The description of drones as anthropomorphic animals engaged in a sex, was an exorcism somehow, one that allowed me to more clearly objectify that as animals, drones reflect the darker depths of human behaviour.


The fuzzy moral and ethical lines that are used to justify the use of these highly sophisticated weapons is questionable and flawed as it does not prevent the incidence of collateral damage or the perpetuation of violence or terrorism. The depiction of drones as effigies or idols takes the idea further into the moral realm of morality or personhood. If these technological instruments of judgement could behave as we do how, would that play itself out?

What would the value of a morality based on godly or ungodly ideals be if it was to proliferate and what significance would our morality then have?


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