Extruded Islands

Dreaming of islands—whether with joy or in fear, it doesn’t matter—is dreaming of pulling away, of being already separate, far from any continent, of being lost and alone—or it is dreaming of starting from scratch, recreating, beginning anew. Some islands drifted away from the continent, but the island is also that toward which one drifts; other islands originated in the ocean, but the island is also the origin, radical and absolute”


From the Deleuze collection: Desert Islands and Other Texts, 1953-1974


It is my personal believe that we are never fully rooted to any one place any more than we can float forever (as the case has been with the refugees who have been arriving in Europe). We are both the product agents of change in the living history of island nations and realities.

As diasporic Greek from America, now living in London, I am distinctly aware of the identity that is shared by North Atlantic Continental Islands and those that are formed by Oceanic Islands such as the Greek Isles or those of Polynesia and I am constantly reminded that both realities form a holistic perspective of reality.

Extruded Islands is an effort to illustrate this phenomenon of interconnectedness and disassociation, the disparity between physical and social ecologies. In biology, this is described as source and sink dynamics. This formal theory identifies ecosystems as rich or poor and how they are in fact interconnected.

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