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Maundy moments

The ritual of Maundy takes place on the Thursday of Mysteries, the last day that Jesus would eat before his crucifixion. Jesus washed his disciples’ feet as proof of his love for them on the eve of his crucifixion.

Similar rituals however are practiced worldwide in Asia as an act of respect and humility for elders and teachers. Where elder couldn’t be found, I turned to my classmates, exploring the idea, perhaps subversively that I might be their disciple. This idea was inspired by my readings of Martin Buber in which social transformation is made through gentler behaviour. This social dialogue, replaces economic interactions of capitalist I-it with economic relationships of humanistic I-thou. The video of this performance explores the ritual as a pathway to self-realization and knowledge. The simple act, of washing other people’s feet helped me to reflect on my role as an artist and connect with others, allowing me transcend social, temporal and spatial boundaries.

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