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Pandora celebrates the Aristotelian mimetic tradition in which “Art imitates life.” The bio-matter of moss is manifests enthalpy, the force of geothermal energy and human potential contained within this “lith” or implied stone land mass. A carbon-coated glacier or doomsday ship charred by unworldly soot, Pandora’s black steel carapace has been blackened merely by human industry-potentially the very source of anti-matter. Its magnetic force has caused it to remains suspended (roughly 3 inches off the ground). 

The surname of this piece is of course derived from the Greek Myth of Pandora who is also known Anesidora, "she who sends up gifts"[5] (implying "from below" within the earth).

The form lends itself to 


Materially, humans are skilled makers of a a place for themselves in the world. Pandora hovers over this story in objects, in rituals, and in the earth itself. Pandora can never be laid to rest; the Greek goddess represents inextinguishable human powers of mismanagement. self inflicted harm, and confusion. but these powers can perhaps be caged if understood materially.

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