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Red Green Heart

Unlike "Pandora," Red Green Heart was designed around regular geometric forms and the language of constructivist themes as well as formal considerations of implied weight, balance and symetry. The creation of slate furrows along its side would mitigated its angular symetry with the natural contours of planted matter (in this case blue fescue). It is meant to satisfy certain criteria for design as well, as it would be placed in the garden and provide a vision of order. The play on the word Green as something both ecologically sustainable, novice and jealous was a way for me to establish that piece has symbolic and narrative aspects as well-a totem-like entity that bore the expression for containment and equilibrium as well as the potential for succession.  This work was featured at Xhibit in 2015 at the John Jones Space and since it was designed to sustain itself when outdoors however required watering in the indoor environment.



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