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Social Engagement: 




Some of the influences in my work include: 

Henry Rollins


Didier Wampas is the lead singer of "Les Wampas" are a French punk rock/psychobilly band, who refer more exactly to their music as "Yé-yé-punk". The band was formed in Paris in 1983.

 often repeats that he earns approximately a quarter of his private incomes from his activity as a singer, and the rest from his job as a mechanic at the RATP (public transportation service in Paris), which he kept in spite of the increasing fame and success of the band. 


Billy Idol


Billy Childish



Music: A driving force

As a French-American growing up in the Southern California in the 80s, music was all around me, my sensibilities have been aesthetically shaped by a wide range of music. While in France I would discover French Pop Classics such as Gainsbourgh, the staple fare of Beatles/Cure/Scorpions and finally the edgier French Punk (Wampas), Negresses Vertes and burgdeoning hip-hop  (MC Solaar) and African music (Babaa Maal and Vieux Djiop) as well as "Rai" or North African hip-hop. In the US, the choice of complex, artsy groups was almost infinite and I would be exposed to amazing transatlantic rock such as Led Zeppelin, Bjork and Bob Marley as well as Neil Young, The Bad Brains and the Pixies (to name a few). Music played a vital part for me in connecting with my environment, my roots and my [wider] cultural heritage. My brother Bernard-who is also a musician (currently playing in Astra Heights) was vital in turning me on to a wide range of sounds and music which are something like anthems for me in my art-making processes. 


What was particularly interesting me to me about rock music and pop as a visual artist is it's immediacy and potency as a catalytic and driving social force. While contemporary art can be deceivingly alienating or contrived, music often feels more honest, real and immediate and this is a grounding force in my practice. In terms of social relevancy, rebellion and revolution through music are perhaps more important than ever-serving as democratic platforms that reach a strangers' ears in a fraction of the time it takes to mount an exhibition. One of the the key aspects of my work is to strive for  feeling and about honesty. If the work isn't authentic, handcrafted or feels dishonest, then I change the frequency to something more vital.


Not surprisingly many artists double as musicians and perhaps not surprisingly, this lends itself to their creative potential in ways that are both unexpected and surprising. Some examples that you may already know of include Ringo Starr, Keith Richards, David Bowie, Keith Moon had all studies at art schools before becoming world class musicians is perhaps not surprising.

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